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ARG Companies is the result of tenured financial service professionals combining their skills, expertise and industry relationships into a full service financial advisory, asset evaluation and transactional due diligence service provider.

RG Companies services are designed to prepare lenders and stakeholders for all collateral scenarios. Ideally, our clients are not surprised by borrower’s liquidity issues and know how to rectify problems well before legal actions become necessary.

ARG Due Diligence, Portfolio and Exit Management Services:

ARG Recovery

Inventory Appraisal and Liquidation Services

ARG Partners

Financial Advisory and Cash Flow Services

ARG Industrial

Machinery and Equipment Appraisal and Liquidation Services

ARG Transaction Srvcs

Field Exam and Due Diligence Services

ARG A/R Management

Receivable management services for all business cycles

ARG Asset Recovery

Professional Asset Liquidation Services

ARG Exit Management

In the current low-interest environment, there are several options for borrowers to stave off bankruptcy; whether that be refinancing, recapitalization, sale/merger of the company, ARG Companies provides cash flow advisory, debt and equity services and restructuring services.

If liquidation is necessary after all scenarios are exhausted, then ARG Companies services will manage the whole winddown process. ARG Companies services cover all asset collateral, inventory, accounts receivables, machinery and equipment and other assets such as real estate, and ARG coordinates exit plans so that all collateral recoveries are maximized regardless of asset. Knowing the market value of assets in cash flow planning is ARG’s greatest attribute toward successful winddown management.

ARG Companies’ Experience and Industry
Knowledge Matters

Whether clients engage one or all of ARG services for a project, clients can expect professional, timely and efficient solutions for their service needs. The combined experience of ARG’s six professionals who lead ARG Companies service verticals have combined industry experience of 175 years that extends to almost all industries. ARG’s industry experience is extensive – click here to see Industries Served.